How to do Blogging for Beginners – Basics of Blog


How to start a Blog?

Nowadays Blogging is gone viral. This is the simple and best way to earn money from home. When the person used to start blog means then definitely he should be inspired by another blogger. Like that, I also inspired by other bloggers and now writing articles to help beginners. By following below steps, you can easily understand to start a new blog. I write a crisp and clear article. So, each and every point here I mentioned very importantly. Read carefully to understand everything.

Know What is Blogging and Why People are interested in it?

Blogging is a just information website. You have posted any information on it. If your information is useful for others means they will visit your blog regularly. By using the blog, you can earn a decent income per month. Let we know how to start it?

Step 1:

Decide what is the blog is about. Ther are lots of blogs nowadays like health and wellness, cooking tips, technology blogs and etc. You should choose the right category to choose start blogging.

Step 2:

Register a domain name and hosting for that domain to post articles. Otherwise, you can choose free platforms like Bloggers or WordPress.

Step 3:

Design your website is the next thing in blogging. If you are choosing blogging platforms like WordPress, blogger or Drupal means there are lots of predefined free designs are available to design your websites.

Otherwise, you should recruit a developer to design your website.

*We highly recommend WordPress platform to start a blog.

Step 4:

After designing part is over, that’s it you are ready to post articles. You can post articles regularly (once in a week is a minimum possibility, You can post as much in a day is very helpful to get attention from the visitors and Search Engine) to develop your blog.

Step 5:

Nowadays there will be a heavy competition for blogging. So, just posting content is not a good idea. You have to Optimize content and do SEO for your blog to get maximum visitors.

These are only 5 steps to do blogging. I hope this would be helpful to you. If you have any doubts regarding this just post your comment below. Share this with your friends.

Stay tuned for more Search Engine Optimization and Blogging articles.