Rich SEO’s Top 5 Off Page SEO tactics & tips


Off page SEO played a huge role while ranking your website on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Without Off page SEO, you can’t able to rank high competition keyword.

Plenty of people still doesn’t aware of Off page SEO.

Just getting the links is not help for rank your keyword. In older days getting links is the only factor influence the ranking. But now Google becomes smarter. There are 20 attributes that influence the link value.

I saw some of the people getting an excessive amount of links within a short span of time and worried about ranking. Here quality is the matter. So, Getting the quality links only influence the ranking.

You don’t even to get lots of links from various sites. Instead of concentrate on quality link building campaign.

We previously discussed On page SEO factors. Keep reading this article to know more about Rich SEO’s off page SEO strategy.

1. Relevance:

I think Relevance is the most important thing we need to consider while doing link building. We have checked and analyzed this factor on our personal test sites. We found lots of correlation on this relevance factor.

An example of relevance:

Suppose if you post one article about “Top 10 best water filter”. This is very high competitive keyword and you need to get a relevant backlink to dominate SERP results. What you need to do is do outreach to the “Water filter related” sites and get the links. If you are doing like this means, a few quality links are enough to rank.

Instead, you dig into the comment backlinks on the irrelevant blog, directory links, irrelevant forum links, & irrelevant content links will not help to rank your post.

2. Anchor Text:

Anchor Text played as a second huge role for competitive keywords. Here exact match keyword influences the SERP.

3. Do follow or No follow:

Do follow links are the best links compared to No follow. But building only Do follow links is the bad sign for Google.

4. Authority:

Domain Authority is a solid factor to consider while doing off page SEO. One link from DA 50+ site is equal to 100 DA 0 sites. So, Make sure check this before you send your outreach mail.

5. Link Location.

Don’t build link on two many external links page. Consider your link on top of the page and user can able to click on that link. This is also the definite factor.

These are the top 5 tips and tactics while doing Off page SEO for your site.

If you have any other tips please share with us in the comment section.