On-Page SEO Optimization Techniques for Beginners


On Page SEO:

There are plenty of questions should always ask from beginners like “What is On Page SEO?”, “How to do On Page SEO“, “Is there any techniques available for On Page SEO?”, “Simple On Page SEO Optimization techniques?”. So, here we update powerful On Page SEO factors here. By using these factors you can easily rank your websites or Blog post without giving any backlinks or Bookmarking.

Simple way to rank your Website by only On Page SEO:

If anybody found your website by using your keywords in Search Engines, they need to stay your website. If they do not spend more time on your website, then highly spend website will rank on Google. Adding videos into your blog post or Website (video should be related) will definitely give a hand to rank your website on the top page. If you are adding videos into your website, then definitely some of the visitors will watch those videos. If the video will play more than 5 minutes means, that is enough time to spend visitors on your website.

Unique On Page Optimization Techniques:

Title Tag:

Title Tag Should be Unique and should be catchy. You can add the following word to your title tag which will definitely help you to get more clicks from SERPS.

  • how to
  • Top 10
  • Best of
  • List of

these will help to increase more CTR.


Use all Headings tag for your website. H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 are headings tags. Use all these headings tag to mention key points for your website. Don’t use too much which affect your results.

URL structure:

Add your keyword into URL. This is not effected any ranking factor. But when a user searches your keyword, Keyword URL will bold.

Original Contents:

Adding more content will help you rank on google without any backlinks. 300 to 700 words is the best usage of contents. Don’t copy contents from other sites.


Write your content with a proper paragraph. If you are not writing content with Paragraph, the user will hard to read your post.

Alt Tag:

Add images to your website. Those image title tag and Alt Tag should be contained with your targeted keyword.


By using these On page techniques you can easily rank your website in top of the google results without giving any backlinks. Share this with your friends. Stay tuned for more updates.

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