How to design a SEO friendly website for beginners


Design a Website for SEO in Mind:

Welcome, readers to Rich SEO blog. Here you will find easy ways to design your website for SEO friendly. This technique should dominating search engine results without any doubt. First of all, you are reading many articles related to this topic means omit all, consider below easy steps to rank #1 in Google search results. Beauty and Elegant designs are the not only part to rank higher on Google. We need to optimize websites for SEO friendly. So, that only customers come to your website via search engines. If you are newbie study carefully below steps to make the website as SEO friendly.

1. Title Tag:

This is the 1st and foremost important one for website designing. We need to give perfect title tag to attract visitors on SERP. Don’t elaborate title tag as too long. Title tag length should be 65 characters maximum and 40 characters minimum for best practices. Include your keywords in the title tag is the important one to rank on the particular keyword.

2. URL structure:

URL structure should contain your keywords and it should be readable. Separate one word to another word by using hyphen (-).

3. H1 Tag:

Your website page should contain H1 tag at the top. In h1 tag, you should give your keywords and make a title of your website.

4. Original Content:

This is the very important thing for web designing. Don’t copy contents from other websites. If you are writing your own content means definitely users and search engine should happy. Search engines love fresh content. So, be conscious about this.

5. H2 Tag and H3 Tag:

Use subheadings with h2 and h3 tags. This will attract users and best practises for make website as SEO friendly. Use keyword variant to your subheadings.

By following these steps you can easily make SEO friendly website.

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