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Whether you are small scale industry or large scale industry? If you want to improve your business, then you should promote your business or services online. That is why SEO come into the play. SEO is not just packaging and marketing. It’s all about art. Lakhs and Lakhs of new websites launched each and every day. The competition also increased dramatically. You need to concentrate more on innovation, uniqueness, and quality. Otherwise, competitors can easily beat your services. If you are looking for Professional SEO company in Hyderabad, keep reading.

By investing less amount of money on SEO, you can able to outrank the competitors easily. Plenty of multi-million dollar companies followed the same technique to market their business. If you want to invest your money for Professional SEO company in Hyderabad means, you have landed the right place.


SEO Company in Hyderabad:

Hyderabad is India’s iconic city and a large number of shop owners, businessman, service providers are here. Due to a lot of people and services, the competitors also high.

So, What you do now to improve our business?

Simple Marketing! Marketing! Marketing!

Why did I say marketing as three times?

Because marketing is the most important one for any companies and services. Without marketing, no one can identify your services. Plenty of marketing strategies are available online. Some of the important marketing techniques to dominate your competitors are:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Social Media Optimization

These two marketing techniques are concentrated by many companies. Apart from these two

  • PPC advertising (Pay per click)
  • PPA advertising (Pay per action)

also very famous.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO is a huge marketing technique that should help to get lead generation for life long. Once your website comes into the top position of Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines, then your service or business should be skyrocketed.

Google is world’s largest search engine. If you optimized your website for google means, then definitely you will get plenty of leads, inquiries, calls regarding your service or business.

What we do in our company (Rich SEO):

Being one of the India’s best seo company, here we provide Search Engine optimization solution. We strictly followed White HAT seo techniques to boost your site rank. We followed google algorithms like Panda, Penguin, and Humming Bird algorithm and ranking your website on top of the Google.

seo-in-hyderabad1. On Page Optimization:

On Page Optimization played the major role in ranking a website. What we do in our company:

  • Title Tag Optimization

Optimizing the title tag should be very important one. Without proper optimization, you can’t able to rank your website.

  • Meta Tag Optimization

Meta Tags means Description and Keyword tag. Nowadays, Description tag is only played as the important role.

  • Keywords Placement

Maintain the keyword ration between 2% to 4% is appreciable one.

  • SEO optimized Content creation

The content length matters a lot. The SEO optimized content and quality matters a lot.

  • Image Optimization

Alt tag and title tag of the image is the main google ranking factor.

  • Media creation

Unique and Creative Video and Image creation for your website.

  • Adding Rich Snippet

Rich Snippets attracts the visitors and you can also use this for customer engagement.

  • robots.txt optimization

Prevent the secure files from google.

  • XML sitemap creation

Create and Submit the XML sitemap to major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

  • Responsive web templates

Create the mobile-friendly responsive web design.

  • Site loading speed improvement

Site loading speed highly correlates with google ranking factor. We are expert to improve the site speed.

  • .htaccess and Database optimization

Advanced SEO for site speed improvement, broken link fixing, 301, 302 redirections.

  • Free Blog Setup

Free WordPress blog setup for your website for regular updates.


2. Off page optimization

  • Social Profile creation

Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Pinterest profile creation to maximize your lead.

  • Guest Posting

Comes to the link building, Guest posting plays a huge role.

  • Blog commenting

Niche relevant blog comments help to increase the ranking.

  • Outreach

Mail outreach to the targetted webmasters and audience.

  • Directory submission

Submit your website to the targetted Website directories. (High quality niche based directory – that should have more than 50 Domain Authority)

  • Forum submission

We participate and market your website to the niche related forums.

  • Q&A site links

Yahoo and Quora are the highly influenced site to rank your website.

  • Social Bookmarking

More than 200 High PR social bookmarking sites are available. We add your link to those websites.

and etc…

These are the essential things should do on every website for solid ranking. Otherwise, you can’t see the perfect result. We have professional SEO experts more than 5 years of experience. We assure your website ranking and lead generation.

2. Social Media Optimization:

By using the social media optimization, you can get the targeted audience. But you need to spend more to get leads. Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit marketing are some of the influence marketing techniques.

We create and run the campaign for your website if you need social media optimization.

3. PPC and PPA:

PPC is Pay Per click marketing technique widely used by the large scale companies. It is a great opportunity to get a maxium number of visitors to your site.

We provide Digital Marketing Service in Hyderabad.  We are the expert PPC marketing company and run all category of the campaign in Hyderabad. We can also target the local areas by using this marketing technique.

PPA is not very much effective marketing technique in India.

Over to you:

I hope now, you can clearly know about our services and details about us. We are promising SEO company in Hyderabad to market your website. If you have any queries and want to take SEO service from us, then Contact Us. We are always ready to provide the service 🙂