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Competitive SEO in Bangalore:

Bangalore is India’s one among the popular city and a great business place. People often called Bangalore as an India’s Silicon Valley. In India, every startup mindset is to open company or branch in Bangalore to get maximum reach. Due to a large number of companies, the competitive level also really high. By implementing the proper strategy, unique plans and different way of thinking, we can beat all the competitors easily like exactly what we do in our company (Rich SEO).

What do we do in Rich SEO?

We are recognized as India’s Leading SEO firm. Here we are not only doing just an SEO but also we handle a wide range of web services like Web Hosting, Web Designing, Social Media Optimization, Pay Per Click Advertising, Content creation, Website Audit and much more.

seo company in bangalore

In order to succeed in your business or services in Bangalore, then you have landed the right place. We are not just ranking your website on top of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing But also we maintain your ranking for life long. We are promoting your websites in the popular social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Reddit, Stumbleupon and 40 other social media sites.

You can get the maximum number of leads within one month after taking the SEO service from us. 90% of people seeking the answers and solution by using the only google. Most of the persons don’t go to the second page. So, the first-page result is most important.

Our Guarantee:

Many of the SEO firms, don’t guarantee the first page results for high competitive keywords. The reason behind that is they can’t and lack of knowledge in SEO. But In Rich SEO, we assure the first-page result.

Here we strictly follow the white hat SEO techniques and google guidelines to rank client websites. We do not do any testing and plays with the client site.

Our team constantly update the knowledge according to the ranking factors and algorithm.

SEO Company in Bangalore:

Only two techniques are available in Search Engine Optimization. They are On page optimization and Off page Optimization. If you are following these two techniques perfectly, then you will definitely rank higher on google. But most of the companies and persons follows Black Hat way to improve the ranking factors.

Here are the White Hat techniques we follow in our Company:

1.On Page SEO:

On-Page SEO is really matters?

Most of the person thought are “there is no On page Seo and if we give the hard backlinks means, our website gets ranked”. Absolutely it is a poor assumption and Google is more smart enough them. If the person building the links without On page seo means, then he definitely slapped by Google penalty. So, the following the On Page SEO is a great thumb to dominate the search engines.

You can find lots of case studies regarding On Page SEO on the internet. For low competition keywords, On-Page SEO is enough to rank well on the first page. The powerful and Search Engine friendly white hat on-page techniques we follow in our company are:

Title Tag:

This is the first important factor to identify the topic. By modifying the title tags, we can gradually improve the ranks on search engines. Some persons don’t care about title tag and just add the ordinary title copying from another site. By adding Unique and attractive title tags, we can definitely improve the ranking. We are the master to optimize the title tags.

Meta Tag:

Is meta tag Really matters?

No! Meta Tags is not a ranking factor of the google. Wikipedia and many of the Authority sites not using the meta tags and still ranking number one spot of the google for million number of keywords.

Then Why Meta Tags?

10 Percentage of people clicking the website after reading the meta description. That time, if your description tag is so attractive means, the click through rate is increased and obviously ranking also increased. This is the only advantage of Meta Description tag.

Then Meta Keywords?

You don’t care about meta keywords seriously.

URL of the page:

Adding keywords in URL and make a short URL will definitely boost the ranking.

Keyword Density:

Keyword Density also a ranking factor. Maintaining the decent keyword density in the article or page help to rank better.


We are creating the Media files like Image and Videos to attract the visitors. Media files also help to engage the visitors and help to share the pages.

Image alt tag and title tag are another most important on-page SEO factor.


Unique, Quality, and length contents matter a lot. By avoiding the keyword stuffing, automated content, low-quality content and spun content, we can achieve the better results.

The content length should be minimum 800 words.


Adding keywords into the headings tag

Rich Snippets:

Rich Snippets attract the visitors on the SERP. Adding the Rich Snipper we can get maximum click through rate.

Inbound Links:

Inbound Links Help to engage the visitors and reduce the bounce rate.

Outbound Links:

Outbound links also matter a lot. The outbound links should open in another tab. Outbound links help to increase the authority and reflect your search results with those authority sites. Adding 2 Outbound links per page is a good practice and also a white hat technique.

Social Sharing Buttons:

Many of the web pages do not have any social sharing buttons. Adding social sharing buttons helps to share your post among the social medias and get more traffic.

These are the main On Page SEO factor we are concentrated. Apart from these some of the ethical On page SEO techniques also available. By using these all techniques we can rank your website on the first page of the google.

Then how to beat the high quality authority sites?

Here is what Off page seo comes into the play. Our Off page SEO techniques follow:

seo in bangalore

2. Off Page SEO:

90% of websites dominates search engines with having the high authority backlinks. Without backlinks, we can’t able to rank the competitive keywords. SEO people often research about this techniques and finding the new solution to rank better on google. We follow all ethical Off page techniques to dominate the search results. Those are:

  • Social Networking Sites
  • Blogging
  • Content Marketing
  • Guest Posting
  • Forum Marketing
  • Niche based Link Profiles
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Niche Based Director Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Outreach
  • Link Baiting
  • Video Marketing
  • Guestographics
  • Local Directory listing
  • Article Submission
  • Q&A sites
  • Community Creation
  • Business reviews
  • Document sharing

These are the main Off page SEO techniques we follow in our company.

3. Web Designing:

Our company also provide web designing services. You can get Beautiful websites with responsive features.

4. PPC Advertisement:

PPC marketing is a great Online marketing technique to promote your website.

5. Site Speed Improvement:

We are the specialist to reduce your site speed as much as possible.

6. SEO Training:

We provide The Basic and Advanced SEO Training courses in Coimbatore, Bangalore and other near by areas.


7. Local SEO:

Local SEO is great way to become popular in your local cities. We provide the technical local SEO services.

Over To you:

I hope now everybody clearly understands about RICH SEO and Our company services. If you have any queries and want to get SEO services means, Contact us now.