10 Reasons Why Small Business should use Site Signage


Small businesses need an aggressive marketing strategy when it comes to promotion. As small businesses have a small marketing budget, they need to spend wisely to advertise their products or services. If you are running or planning to start a small business, you need to advertise to promote your brand. Your brand is not just a symbol, but an identity by which your customers and other businesses identify you.

There are a lot of marketing tools that businesses use to promote their brand image, products, and services. Site signages are one of the most effective and robust marketing tools used by small businesses for promotion. Signs are ideal for small businesses as they are inexpensive than other advertising tools. There are plenty of reasons, why site signage can work best for your small business:

Brand Awareness

Site signage when used at proper locations help companies create brand awareness among the people. When people see the sign of a business, they come to know about it, and when they see it repeatedly, they remember their brand name. When you use site signage to advertise your product or service with your brand logo at busy locations, people remember your product/service as well as brand name.

Site Signage is Cost Effective

Advertising through site signage is cost effective as compared to other marketing tools. If you are advertising for your brand, you need to get your signs printed only once and install them in busy locations. So you don’t need to spend on printing again and again. New banner signs are required only when you launch a new product or target a new location. Unlike other marketing tools, where you need to spend frequently, site signage is cost effective. Some banners cost almost equal to a newspaper advertisement.

Promotion of an Event

Signs are the best means to advertise to invite people to your event. If you are a small business owner, you may not want to spend on TV ads or radio ads for the promotion of your event. Advertising on TV and radio is much expensive as compared to site signage. Moreover, people who visit your event by seeing your sign will be more likely to purchase your products or services.

Target a Locality

Small businesses like shops and stores usually sell in specific locations. So they need to advertise in those locations and communicate their brand image. Site signs are the best to target a location as they can be installed anywhere. The easiness to install and carry anywhere makes them the best advertising tool to target a locality. Most of the customers are located within five miles of the location of your business. So you can use site signage to target the customers living in a particular location.

Signs are hard to Miss

If you advertise online through Google ads or social media, people may miss your ad, but signage ads are hard to miss. Bright colors, large size and UV inks used in graphics instantly attract the attention of people. People who use the route daily see them several times and remember your brand every time they see your signage ad.

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Locating your Business

If your business is located in an area that is congested or highly populated, signage ads help people to find your business. For example, if you have a store in an industrial area, it is difficult for your customer to find your store. Installing signs at various intersections and in the front of your store helps your customers to find it easily. Other marketing tools may not be as effective as signage ads for locating a business.

Durable and Versatile

Site signage is durable and versatile to use in any location and condition. Site signage is made of durable material which can withstand harsh weather conditions such as winds and rains. Signs are not blown away by winds as they are provided with small holes and allow the air to pass through them. Also, they are fire retardant and water resistant, so they continue to advertise your brand and offerings in all weather conditions.

Continuous Advertising

Site signage continues to advertise your business 24 hours a day and 365 days in a year. Once printed and installed in a location they continue to advertise your brand and business until you remove or replace them. Signs can also be used at off-site locations such as intersections, and busy locations to advertise a new product or service. You can also use them at different locations to expand your business.

Using Images in your Sign

You can use images of your business in your signage advertisement so that when people visit your site, they are already familiar with the look and surrounding of your business. This is especially useful for builders and construction businesses as they can shoe the complete picture of their ongoing project in their signage ads. People who see their ads and want to buy an apartment will know in advance how the building and its surroundings will look after completion.

Attracts Online Traffic

Signage ads also attract online traffic to your website or blog. When you show the links to your blog, website and social media accounts on your signage ad, people visit your page, and if they like it, they also share them with their friends. So site signage is not only a means of offline advertisement, but they also bring you online traffic, which helps you promote your business. This is especially beneficial for small businesses as they get traffic from an offline source without spending on online advertisements.

Final words

Site signage can help small businesses in many ways, a few of which are mentioned above. They are an offline marketing tool but still effective in the advertising of local businesses such as shops, hotels restaurants, retail stores, etc. Every business should use signage ads for the promotion of their brand and offerings as they are inexpensive, long lasting and effective marketing tools.